Call Centre solutions are suitable for companies with a large number of calls. The full voice communications solution is being provided for the processing of incoming and outgoing calls. OSS Networks develops applications suitable for every customer’s business need in order to improve the lives of the call centre employees. The applications are suitable for summarising and analysing the various statistics that allow the management to evaluate the efficiency of the call centre and the proficiency of the employees.


  • Call processing in a queue mode
  • Division of calls into queues of different priorities based on external criteria (regular customer, CRM registered customer, etc.)
  • Work hours based routing
  • Customizable waiting messages (expected waiting time, number in the queue)
  • Protection mechanism against queue overflows (call routing, voice mail, etc)
  • Power dialler (to make an outgoing call) or Predictive Dialing (depending on the task)
  • Integration with CRM and other applications of the company
  • Call recording after the personalized activation of the operator (Voice Accept)
  • Emergency mode (in case of a large increase of incoming calls − playback of an automated message)
  • Possibility to switch to voice mail and leave a message (Exit to voice mail)
  • Agent status management using a computer application or web browser (computer application prioritization automatically activating the program in case of an incoming call)
  • Online monitoring of operators
  • Monitoring of incoming calls for the whole call centre with each call displayed
  • Monitoring of all agents, current information about KPI (total number of calls, number of serviced calls per operator, on/off for each operator)
  • Agent monitoring (possibility to connect to the operator’s call and provide one-way consulting)

Call centre applications

  • The CRM integrated functionality (opening the customer’s card, registering the information)
  • Personalized work windows for the operators
  • Queue management and agent management board
  • Priorities for agents (skill base routing)
  • Call centre manager’s work space (connect to a call / take over the call / one-way consulting / work tasks for operators)
  • Informational panel (the current information about the situation in the call centre is displayed on the monitors)
  • Reports and call recording (access to the various levels of the reports)
  • A panel to trace the "Voice accept" files, user and agent administration

Servicing multiple call queues and employee skill and knowledge management

The possibility to divide the incoming call flow depending on the topic, caller profile, e.g., the chosen communication language. Divert the caller to the queue that is serviced by the higher qualified employees for this nature of call. The call centre will connect the caller automatically to the employee with the relevant knowledge.

Listening to the live calls

While constantly maintaining high standards of customer service, it is important for call centres to monitor not only the quantitative but also the qualitative indicators − the knowledge of the employee on the topic, their communication skills and actions in stressful situations. Listening to recorded calls only provides for the historical evaluation of the call without allowing a prompt reaction. For that reason the standard functionality of the call centre has the "listening to live calls" mode included − it is the option to connect to a current call and the "agent consulting system", that allows providing guidance to an agent during such a call.

Customized workspace for each agent

The call centre platform is equipped with a specially customized workspace for each call centre employee. Using this workspace, the call centre agents can manage their status, as well as complete and plan work tasks. It is specially customized to allow making notes about a call during the call, categorizing the call and sending informative, predefined SMS messages.

Comprehensive reporting system

The managers of the call centre know that relying only on simple reports of the incoming and outgoing calls is not sufficient to make decisions about the call centre’s work. The call centre provides individual reports, customized for the particular call centre − monitoring and managing of SLA levels, overviewing agent working hours, and overviewing the quality of the call queue service.

Live-Monitoring module

The successful operation of medium and large-scale call centres is directly connected to the individual motivation of each employee. The OSS Networks “Live monitoring” module for call centres shows real-time information on the current number of calls, the number of waiting calls and the status of each agent, displaying the data on big screens in the call centre. Thus, each employee is constantly informed of the volume of work and how good his individual results are, compared to those of their peers.

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