Virtual PBX is suitable for small companies- of up to 15 work places. There is no need to install the device in the office for this solution; the Phone Central is located in the Operator’s Data Centre and provides the same functionality for all users.


  • Standard functions of the phone central − call forwarding, call interception, call hold, speed dial, etc.
  • Day time control − operating the phone system in different modes − working hours and outside working hours
  • Reporting system − analysis of the calls dialled and received
  • Phone application on the computer (soft phone) − application to make calls and receive calls from a computer or a cell phone
  • Electronic Fax − an option to send and/or receive faxes via e-mail

Extra Functionality

  • IVR − interactive voice response
  • Call queues − the function of the call centre that provides the processing of incoming calls in a queue
  • Voice mail − the possibility to receive voice messages via e-mail (Voice Mail to Email)

Virtual PBX

Description Price

Set-up charge for one connection address


Monthly charge for an IP phone connection for one user (with basic functionality)

All prices in EUR, excluding VAT

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