OSS Networks was founded in November 2006. The company was created, combining the experience of the founders in the establishment of contact centre projects and the knowledge of process optimization in businesses. In September 2010, new investments were attracted to stimulate the development of the company, and a new name was given to the company − SIA OSS Networks.

The realised solutions were implemented in companies that chose to increase the quality of their customer service. The cooperation has promoted the development of the companies and helped them to become the leading companies in the industry.

The services of OSS Networks are used by over 800 companies in Latvia, 300 companies in Lithuania, as well as companies in Estonia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain and Germany.

The OSS Networks team consists of professionals of the industry who take care of the development and implementation of the solutions. The customers are provided with continuous support and technical services.

The OSS Networks team is confident that contemporary and quality telecommunications solutions are one of the main instruments to develop and improve a business.

Unique solutions

Unique solutions



10 years experience

10 years experience




To stimulate the development of small and medium size companies by providing IT and telecommunications solutions that are in line with today’s requirements and processes.


By developing unique solutions for telecommunications, to become a leading partner of communication operators and to provide voice communication solutions for companies in Europe.



Armands Meinarts

CEO, Member of the Board

18 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Improves and enhances the telecommunication services with his heart and soul. He used to supervise the data transmission business section in Mikrolink Latvija and the department of service development for business customers in Lattelecom. He is confident that the growth of the employees secures the development of the company. He is a serious player not only in the business, but on a hockey field as well. Knows how to disassemble and assemble a drone.

Juris Breicis

Head of the Business development, Chairman of the Board

The professional of the product and service development. Has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration and Innovations. Has developed the service portfolios of Tele2 and Creditreform. Believes that the first colony on Mars will need reliable voice communication. Father of two daughters. Crazy about the wind, the smell of rosin, and reddit.


Mārtiņš Gailītis

Member of the Board

Loves order. Wants all companies to have an ordered and efficient IT environment. Good in writing and calculating. Is a master of IT who has been involved in planning and the implementation of state level information systems. Is not afraid of challenges. Father of three with gasoline, black humour and crossfit in his blood.


Jānis Āre

Head of Product and Technology Development

Father, mum and godfather – all at the same time – of the biggest call centres in Latvia. The voice of reason for OSS Networks that makes the ideas of the managers and the dreamers into a tangible format and then implements them. Talks freely without a dictionary in Latvian, English, Russian, Python and JSON. Disturbs the peace of the inhabitants of rivers and lakes in his free time.


Gundega Grosa

Marketing Project Manager

Catching experience and knowledge with a big butterfly net, no matter the weather conditions. Is now studying to become a communications guru. Has worked in the restaurant and hotel business for almost 10 years, when she became bored, she changed to marketing and advertisement. Always smiling. Sometimes she dreams of becoming a professional painter.


Mareks Zvirgzdiņš

Sales Project Manager

Experienced go-getter of the telecommunications industry. In the last years, he has especially favoured call centres and everything related to them. If he sets a goal, he will realize it and the same goes with his promises. Raising a daughter when not working. Sometimes laughs louder than a radio. A sports fan who likes volleyball, MTB and squash.


Viesturs Buls

Sales Project Manager

A combined Finance and Telecommunications specialist. Has a master’s degree in Finance. Young, but experienced. Used to work with technical stuff and the restoration of cars. Strongly denies he is somewhat of a poet, but still thinks he is a complicated personality. There is no bad weather or wrong season for fishing.

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