An outsourcing service that provides innovative, quality and modern IT solutions to the company. In parallel with the IT systems’ everyday service, there is an ongoing work to improve and modernize the systems.

Model of cooperation

IT manager + Technical Specialists + Help Desk

IT manager services

  • The evaluation of the state of the infrastructure, the creation of a short and long term IT Strategy, IT budget planning, plus negotiation with external service providers on behalf of the Company
  • Short term IT Strategy development − a plan of the operative tasks based on the business targets and tasks of the Company
  • Long term IT Strategy development − the long term tasks that are approved by the Board of the Company (the plan is refreshed twice a year)

Technical specialists

Support specialists visit the site for emergency problem resolution or regular support service provision at a time convenient for you.

  • Service of the computer hardware (at the Company premises)
  • Service of the devices (at the Company premises)
  • Service of the network devices and phones (at the Company premises)
  • User support (at the Company premises)

Help Desk

Remote support available during your working hours;

  • Remote processing of requests and the fulfilment of changes
  • Monitoring of the critical devices and systems (monitoring)
  • Remote Company user support


The price of the service is personalised for each Company. To determine the price of the service, a free-of-charge audit and evaluation of the existing systems is conducted. The results collected are the base for the creation of the development plan and the price.

Companies using the service



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